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SDUSD Package 4 Preliminary Notice

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Preliminary Notice Info

Preliminary Notice Information

Project Summary
Project name: SDUSD Package 4
Project/Bid number: #0000
Address: 1404 S 40th St
City: San Diego
State: CA
Zip: 92113

Map Location
Owner Information
Owner / Public Agency name: San Diego Unified School District
Contact name: Linda Hippe
Contact telephone: (858) 522-5831
Address: 2351 Cardinal Lane, Bldg. M
City: San Diego
State: CA
Zip: 92123

Prime Contractor Information
Contractor name:Associate Mechanical Contractors
Contact name:Associate Mechanical Contractors
Contact telephone:(760) 294-3185
Contact fax:(000) 000-0000
Address:622 S. Vinewood St.

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